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Adams Gabbert

Our client is eagerly seeking a Superintendent to join their dynamic team, where every project is an opportunity to shine. As a Superintendent, you’ll step into a role that’s not just about managing construction projects—it’s about creating exceptional experiences for clients and customers alike. With your warmth, expertise, and dedication, you’ll lead the charge in delivering projects that exceed expectations, ensuring they’re not just completed, but celebrated.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Manages, oversees, and serves as client’s and the customer’s representative on one or more construction project(s) which the client has been retained to execute and manage on behalf of a customer to successfully complete a quality project on time, within budget and complying with safety standards while exceeding client expectations.
  • Maintains and builds existing business relationships and generates new business relationships.
  • Carefully manages the intended outcome that balances owner contract, budget, time and cost limitations.
  • Organizes, coordinates, administers, and supervises the work of all craft employees, contractors, trade partners, consultants, suppliers, and vendors
  • Responsible for the successful completion of and ensuring the attainment of the necessary quality, safety, and legal standards for the construction project
  • Takes charge of making decisions that determine the project’s status and success, including among other things resolving problems and disputes that arise on-site; determining or negotiating solutions to problems raised by inspectors, contractors
  • Determines work priorities, including planning and coordinating work activities among the trade partners, scheduling, allocating, and re-allocating work, planning and coordinating deliveries, deciding matters relating to the scope of trade partner’s work
  • Controls and adjusts the rate of construction progress in order to achieve the customer’s and client’s goals for completing the project within time limits and budget
  • Leads inspection of day-to-day construction work to enforce conformity to specifications and government regulations, including among other things ensuring that all work is ready for inspection and effectively interacting with building inspectors; inspecting the work of contractors, trade partners, and suppliers
  • Makes independent choices concerning matters of significance, such as whether to vary from prescribed standards, permitted tolerances, or normal procedures or to adjust the construction process in appropriate and sound ways if need be in order to achieve the customer’s and client’s project goals
  • Responsible for reading construction plans, initiating and approving change orders and ensuring the project comes in within budget. Independently identifies project problems of unusual or atypical kinds, collects relevant data and information, establishes facts and draws conclusions, and formulates and recommends solutions.
  • Ensures worksite safety and compliance with all safety procedures and requirements.
  • Has a strong work ethic and a “can do” attitude. Works with energy, enthusiasm and a sense of urgency. Is a leader on the project offering valuable solutions and bringing value to every action and is a proactive problem solver. Communicates respectfully, clearly and openly.
  • Develops and builds relationships with Clients, Owner’s Representatives, Architects, and Trade Partners with a focus on generating new opportunities.
  • When called upon, assist with generating new business relationships.

Essential Functions

  • In addition to other duties as assigned by the employer, the responsibilities of the Superintendent are outlined in the procedures manual and will be updated as necessary.


  • Reports to the Senior Vice President of Operations.
  • Held accountable to the Project Manager for which they are assigned
  • Interacts with all field employees, architects, owners, trade partners, and other staff as necessary.

Minimum Skills And Qualifications

  • High school graduation or equivalent. Work experience in building construction, remodeling or construction project coordination experience.
  • Minimum of five years of construction industry experience. Knowledge of all phases of building construction, including work commonly done by the various building crafts and a thorough understanding of electrical, mechanical and structural systems. Knowledge of building materials and the ability to read blueprints. Extroverted personality with supervisory ability and the ability to guide the efforts of vendors and trade partners.
  • Uses software such as project management software, Excel and Word, among others.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Demonstrates good communication skills.

Physical Demands/Conditions Requirements

  • Works additional hours as necessary to maintain project schedules.
  • Travels as necessary.
  • Reviews progress on-site at construction sites in all phases of construction.
  • Creates presentations and participates in meetings both on the construction site and in an office setting.
  • Lifts and/or moves up to 50 pounds, drives a vehicle and can sit in a constricted space for several hours at a time.

    • Location: Anywhere
    • Date posted:
    • Pay:$- $ per hour