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Adams Gabbert

Enterprise Data Architect

Our client is currently searching for an Enterprise Data Architect who is willing to lead the charge to the API world with a more modern, streamlined, and reliable way to track and leverage data.  The ideal candidate would possess some healthcare experience (ideally payer) and be willing to coach others on logical data design including Data Modelers. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Analyzes, develops, and maintains complex logical data designs to support customer and corporate information system requirements.
  • Maintains, monitors, and represents the use of standards and procedures, as well as the integration of systems.
  • Designs conceptual architectures for the following:
    • Solution strategies
    • Data stores supporting transactional processing
    • Data warehouse
    • Operational data stores
    • Data marts
  • Participates as a contributing SME of business data

Data Governance 

  • Defines and enforces data governance standards, policies, and procedures for the design and proper use within the enterprise and third-party business associates.
  • Possesses a working knowledge of data lineage.
  • Functions as a Data Governance liaison with other process-oriented teams within the organization as it pertains to relative touch-points with those teams and their areas of responsibility (e.g., EPMO, Security, Privacy, Internal Audit, Service Management, etc.).
  • Effectively communicates with data stewards for definitions, consistency, quality, privacy, security, and conflict resolution.
  • Models the metadata capture while supporting its strategy as it pertains to data governance.
  • Analyzes business requirements, including retention, granularity, and related factors.
  • Utilizes the ability to model entity relationships, multi-dimensionality, subject areas, state transitions, data flows andintegrations while being able to reference data based on company requirements.
  • Applies normalization, conformed dimensions, key identification (including surrogate keys), naming standards, profiling for quality purposes, derivations, and aggregations.
  • Provides experienced vision, leadership, and strategic direction regarding data management and enterprise information management.

Nice to Haves:

  • Master’s degree in computer science, information systems, or a related field
  • Kimball and Inmon methodology skills.
  • ErWin modeling tool five years’ experience
  • Working knowledge in SASS
  • CDMA experience


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, or a related academic field
  • Seven (7) years of relevant Data Warehouse experience, including five (5) years of relational modeling experience
  • Proven Data Governance and Information Management experience
  • Strong leadership experience with diverse teams and complex topics
  • Strong interpersonal communication and follow-through skills that have demonstrated initiative in autonomous environments
  • Experience analyzing, organizing, and preparing data for use through the development of proprietary systems
  • Experience designing multi-dimensional data models (MS Azure – native tech, data lake, Informatica, IICS, MDM, PowerBI, snowflake) 
  • Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office
  • Experience leading or becoming an integral part of a similar digital data transformation effort before at an enterprise level
  • Extensive expertise in the data space

Salary: $160/Yr.

    • Location: Anywhere
    • Date posted:
    • Pay:$- $ per hour